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探索许多令人兴奋的机会,塑造你在新密歇根州立大学的未来. 欧冠买球平台的专职教授为学生提供所需的资源,以达到他们的最佳水平,实现他们的学术和个人目标. Inside and outside of the classroom, 新密歇根州立大学教授积极与本科生和研究生交流, offering individual attention in a learning-centered 环境. 了解更多

Build your future within any of 欧冠买球's six exceptional colleges.


参加特殊的专业预科课程,为进入专业学校做准备,比如脊椎指压治疗, 牙科, 法律, 医学, 药店, physical therapy and veterinary.


Masters Accelerated Program (MAP)

在短短五年的硕士加速课程中获得学士和硕士学位. 一旦在本科三年级或四年级被录取, 学生将继续按本科费率收取学杂费,并保留获得本科奖学金的资格.

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Osteopathic Medicine Pathway Program

获得必要的基本工具和知识,过渡到医学教育计划在伯勒尔学院骨科医学. 该途径在完成所有课程要求并获得本科学位后,为合格的学生提供入学资格.

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支持, 多样性 and 外展

Success is within reach



Student Success Center

一个集中的, 为所有学科和不同学术水平的学生提供全校范围的学术支持服务.

Academic Advising

一个集中的, 为任何专业的本科生提供建议,帮助他们从学术规划到职业探索.

Equity, Inclusion and 多样性

欧冠买球 supports numerous initiatives to promote equity, inclusion and diversity for and among its students, staff and faculty.

Find your Global Adventure

Your 教育 is not limited to what happens on campus. 每年通过学期和学年的交流,探索世界, language immersion, faculty-led courses, and summer programs. Use your existing financial aid, pay in-state tuition, and have access to thousands of dollars in 奖学金s.

"I get to live a different lifestyle, get to have friends who have a different first language than me, have unique experiences, I get to learn so much and I get to travel Europe on the weekends!"
Calle, a student in spain
卡莉 Spanish and Criminal Justice major, studying abroad in Spain
Student relaxing in front of large chapel in Florence Italy

Aggies Go Global

agies“走出去”项目为学生提供国际机会和经验,通过向尚未出国的学生提供资金和资源,促进他们的教育发展. 该项目支持所有专业的全日制研究生和本科生, 部门, 和大学.

Student posing in front of rainforest

Center for Latin American and Border Studies

创建于1979年, 拉丁美洲和边境研究中心促进卓越的教学, 研究 and community outreach on issues concerning Latin America, 通过讲座了解美墨边境和边境研究, 研讨会, 会议, and outreach activities with local communities and schools.

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